BusPartners focuses on public transport and the coach sector. BusPartners is part of Orion Complex Fleets. Below, we include some examples of innovative partnerships between Orion and companies with complex fleets.

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Keolis Nederland (IJssel-Vecht)

For the IJssel-Vecht concession, we are responsible for the maintenance of its bus fleet, which includes 246 electric buses. This means that at BusPartners Zwolle we are responsible for the maintenance of the largest electric bus fleet in Europe.
We also helped prepare 129 electric buses for delivery at our temporary ‘pop-up workshop’ in Hengelo.

Keolis Nederland

Keolis Nederland, formerly Syntus, is part of the French Keolis group. Keolis organises public transport by rail and road in France, Great Britain, Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands.


For Syntus (Keolis Netherlands) we prepared more than 100 new buses for delivery in six weeks. We did this in our temporary ‘pop-up workshop’ in Hoogeveen.


Royal Airport Schiphol or Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is the largest Dutch airport and an important air traffic hub in Europe.

Municipality of Utrecht

Based on the partnership between the Municipality of Utrecht and WastePartners, in which social return and sustainability also play a prominent role, we are ensuring the optimal availability of the vehicle fleet under the best possible financial conditions. To do this, we are using the OrionGrip platform that we developed ourselves.
At the location of the Municipality of Utrecht, we take care of all the tasks related to the repair (such as damage repair) and maintenance of the equipment and we work together with numerous specialists from the region.


Since its foundation in 1934, Remondis has grown into one of the world’s largest providers of recycling, waste collection and wastewater treatment. The company was founded in German and is active in the Netherlands under the name Remondis Nederland.

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