Maintenance & Repair

Maintenance & Repair

Our strength lies in our brand-independent and multidisciplinary solution. We can therefore be a total partner for the maintenance of your entire fleet, regardless of the brand or type. We provide total maintenance ‘from bumper to bumper’, which includes maintenance, repair, overhaul, damage repair and inspections. In many cases, we can also help you with peripheral equipment.
We use state-of-the-art diagnostic systems to locate faults.
And because our BusPartners technicians also follow the product training courses of the manufacturers, they always have the exact knowledge required for each brand of vehicle.


Open and closed maintenance contracts

BusPartners offers both open and closed maintenance contracts. This makes it possible to distribute the risks associated with unpredictable maintenance costs.

On-board equipment and campaigns

We specialise in the serial installation of on-board (peripheral) equipment and campaigns. We do this, for example, before the start of a new concession or campaign.

Zero Emission and fossil fuels

BusPartners’ services don’t stop at diesel or green gas. BusPartners also organises total maintenance for zero emission, hybrid or mixed fleets.

Special propositions / workplace takeovers

BusPartners often acts as a partner for complete concessions. This means that we are usually involved in the start-up or takeover of complete workshops, including the transfer or secondment of (technical) personnel.

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